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Our Story

The Workshop, is where the magic comes alive.  Behind the giant silver roller door, a one-man band is busy polishing a table ready for a weekend delivery, answering the phone and stoking the flames of the fire for his beloved coffee.  The product you have seen jump from a sketch in an email, then onto your dining room floor was very much built by his two hands.

Christopher's passion in his trade has been decades in the making. From his younger years, he completed his apprenticeship in restoration with his family's Antique shop in Albury NSW.  It was here his fascination of furniture began, he appreciated how pieces were constructed, how they lasted generations and most importantly - the stories surrounded them.

The Workshop is situated in the small Gippsland town of Longwarry (88km from Melbourne CBD) where Christopher is building on a dream, he set himself as a young apprentice. He utilises over 20 years of experience, to bring his valued customers furniture to be used every day and enjoyed for life.

Whether you have a design in mind, or need inspiration for your dream piece please Contact Us and discover Gippsland's Fine Furniture Maker.


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The Lost Trades Fair - ABC Education

Thank you ABC Education and ABC Bendigo for this video, featuring our daughter at the Lost Trades Fair 2020. Bendigo put on an amazing show, and we are so proud of Emily sharing part of our story.  We truly hope this story inspires the next generation of makers and starts the conversation of how things are made.  Watch the video here:  How Furniture is made  

Whiskey Cabinets

With his love of the wild grained timbers, teamed with all the facets of Whiskey, it was only time that Christopher combined his two passions together. "The Vault" Whiskey Cabinet has been designed and constructed by Christopher, utilising Huon Pine salvaged by Hydrowood from Lake Pieman. Huon Pine trees are some of the oldest and rarest in the world, and grow exclusively in Tasmania.  Taking around 500 years to mature, it is incredible to note that this timber starting growing before Australia had been discovered and before the world's oldest Whiskey distillery  Old Bushmills  had been established in 1608. Christopher utilised the stunning Tasmanian Blackwood from Hydrowood, that has spent the last 25 years under Tasmanian waters. The interior is fitted with Tasmanian Kangaroo leather and secured with a Tasmanian Jacksons Lock.  You can read more about the incredible Hydrowood story here: Straight from the Wo

Blackwood Boardroom Table

Measuring at 4m long and 1.6m wide, this recent commission for Christopher was a custom built boardroom table for the rural health campus, of Monash University Victoria. Crafted from 50mm thick solid Tasmanian Blackwood, the surprise to this boardroom table was the lift up power stations with Blackwood tops. Alongside the table, Christopher built a Blackwood bar unit, with Black Blum Legrabox runners and felt lined interiors. Made locally in our Longwarry Workshop, this boardroom table will be sure to see many years of meetings and discussions. Contact Facebook Instagram Farm World 2016