The Lost Trades Fair.

Christopher is very proud to be joining for the first time, a talented group of Artisans at The Lost Trades Fair 2018. Held over 2 days at the Kyneton Racecourse, tickets are on sale now, and it is advised to purchase them prior to the event to avoid disappointment.
Read more about the The Lost Trades Fair & ticketing  here and their Facebook page here

About Christopher:

Christopher's passion in his trade has been a lifetime in the making.  From his younger years, he completed his apprenticeship in restoration with his family's Antique shop in Albury.  His appreciation for how pieces were constructed to how they lasted generations and then more so, the stories that surrounded that piece of furniture truly fascinated him.

Christopher Scott Furniture may no longer do restorations, but that core value is very much still alive.  He is incredibly passionate about building furniture that will be passed onto generations, have pride of place in homes and is something that cannot be purchased off the shelf.

He is very much a one man show, while his two younger daughters sometimes sweep the workshop floor or enable his veneer purchases, the product you have seen jump from a sketch on an email then onto your dining room floor, was very much built by his two hands.

We lovingly call Christopher, our Mr Willy Wonka. There are always designs cooking, brainstorms exploding and ideas hastily scribbled onto offcuts of timber. I am sure if there was a table made out of gobstoppers, he would have thought it.  And it would probably have a secret drawer in it! That is what our business is about.  Creating an experience. From a conversation in the workshop, to the delivery in your home, we want your new piece to be passed on to generations and become a part of your family story.

With over 20 years of experience, he has timber running through his veins. His love of Wadkin machinery, rare timbers, hand tools, veneers and tinkering with designs runs deep. The Lost Trades fair is such an incredible avenue to share his skills and on the day you'll be able to see some of his pieces, while watching demonstrations. We can't wait to show you, what happens in our world.  That quality Australian made furniture, is still very much available.

See you in Kyneton!

Lauren, Christopher and our apprentices Emily (8) and Sophie (3)

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